Although overlapping with Vedic astrology in being based on the constellations rather than the tropical zodiac, western sidereal astrology has had its own line of development, research, education, and discoveries, which we cannot hope to detail in this memorial.

Their list of memorable people in the history of the sidereal movement includes some people with their own pages on this site:

A.H. Blackwell
Donald Bradley/Garth Allen
Paul and Joanne Clancy
Gary Duncan
Cyril Fagan
Alexander Marr
A Number of Vedic Astrologers

In addition, their site lists some of the people whose brief bios are given below. There are a good many others on their list we will leave it to them to commemorate, as it is beyond the scope of this page to create a history for each branch of our field. There are also links to sidereal organizations and email lists.

BRIGADIER ROY C. FIREBRACE: AstroDatabank says he was a well-respected sidereal astrologer, statistician, and author. According to his own recollection in SPICA, rated A, he was born August 16, 1889, at 5:00 PM AST, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The bibliography for the Western Sidereal Astrology Network says Firebrace was Editor and Publisher of "SPICA: A REVIEW OF SIDEREAL ASTROLOGY, which ran from October 1961 to October 1974, a thirteen year publication. During that time, Firebrace wrote the Editorials as well as columns called "For New Students," "Thoughts On Astrology," and other essays. Firebrace also contributed to American Astrology and other magazines.

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RUPERT S. GLEADOW: He was a British sidereal Astrologer who wrote The Origin of the Zodiac and The Zodiac Revealed, and well as a lengthy series of articles in American Astrology Magazine. AstroDatabank says he gave his information, rated A, to Who’s Who in Astrology as born January 22, 1909, at 12:00 PM GMT in Leicester, England. He died on October 30, 1974.

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JAMES HYNES Suggested by Ken Bowser, who says, "Hynes was more a mathematician than an astrologer but in his capacity as right hand man to Cyril Fagan, he played a big part in establishing western sidereal on a firm foundation. Like Fagan, Hynes was Irish but never came stateside as far as I know." R.O.S.A. lists his birth information, no source given, as November 7, 1899, 10:45 AM, Dublin, Ireland, 53N19: 6W15.

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RICK OSTRANDER: According to AstroDatabank, he was, "an American sidereal astrologer with a career in communications at RCA. A member of Mensa, he retired and moved to Yucaipa, CA, and took up full time astrological work. He published a small newsletter for the Southern California Sidereal Astrological Association." According to his birth certificate, he was born December 17, 1928, at 9:45 AM PST in Vallejo, CA. He died on April 25, 1991.

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