Ruth Hale Oliver was a professional astrologer, writer, and teacher in the Los Angeles, CA, area for decades. Introduced by her daughter, actress Susan Oliver, Ruth became a very popular astrologer with the movie set. Her memorial in Aspects Magazine, Winter, 1988, says:

"Ruth was not only a great teacher who enlightened many of today’s top astrologers, but also an erudite historian with a great command of the language which reflected in her many writings. She was one of the early proponents of Humanistic Astrology and one of the first to recognize the importance of configurations. We are among her many clients and students who miss her deeply."
by Marion March, Joan McEvers, and Gloria Stein

Ingrid Naiman adds:

Ruth Hale Oliver was an intense person with the qualities of an eagle: piercing intellect, soaring mind, and penetrating psyche. She began publishing astrological articles in 1944. She was deeply interested in the interface of the Sheldon morphological types and astrology. She was also an expert in the use of midpoints though her system was unusual.

BIRTH AND DEATH INFORMATION: Her AstroDataBank record shows the following, rated A, which she gave to Lois Rodden in 1986. She was born April 16, 1910, at 7:55 PM, in Philadelphia, PA. She died on October 3, 1988, at 6:09 PM in Burbank, CA, at age 78.

Saturn/Uranus aspects are often present in the charts of serious professional astrologers, and Hale had a close conjunction of Saturn and the Sun in Aries in the sixth, tightly squared by Uranus in Capricorn in the third. Her Mars/Pluto conjunction in Gemini made her a focused but many-faceted researcher.

WRITTEN CONTRIBUTIONS BY RUTH HALE OLIVER: Although she did write widely, none of her works are currently available either through AstroAmerica or the Seattle Metaphysical Library. With Dr. Harry F. Darling, she co-wrote Astro-Psychiatry. If anyone knows of a source for her work, please let us know.

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