New York City has long been one of the creative and intellectual hubs of the United States, if not of the world. This is as true in our field as in others, for many astrologers who spent time in the stimulating astrological community of New York went on to influence the history and development of the greater community in profound ways.

Many of them were active in astrology organizations that were also spawned in New York. The New York Astrology Guild and the Congress of Astrological Organizations no longer exist, but NCGR was founded there and remains an important force in the national scene. (NY-NCGR has its own web page, well worth a visit.)

Here is a partial list of one-time New Yorkers on this memorial:

Evangeline Adams

Julian Armistead

Eleanor Bach
A.H. Blackwell

Wanda Calvello

Lenore Canter

Paul and Joanne Clancy
Lloyd Cope
Marti J. Elias
Charles Emerson
W.D. Gann

Rockie Gardiner

Joseph Goodavage
Richard Idemon
Charles Jayne
Dal Lee
Jim Lewis
Grant Lewi
Betty Lundsted
Rory Marcato
Zoltan Mason
Neil Michelsen
Al H. Morrison
John Nelson
Olive Adele Pryor
Joanna Shannon
Carl Payne Tobey
Edward A. Wagner
Julia Wagner

Stephen Wirmusky

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