We receive many emails with suggestions for memorials, but many times we don’t have a biography for the astrologer.  To help solve this, we now have this page which will list those astrologers who have passed on and we need your help learn about their lives.  If you know anything about the astrologers listed below please send us e-mail.

Want to light a candle to honor someone on these pages that you loved? You can light a virtual candle at The candle will burn down in about 48 hours of real time, just like a real one!

Need Memorials for . . .

If you have any information, stories, and/or pictures for any of the people below – please email it to:


Sandy Lovejoy

Mary Whitty Boyd

Joe DeSilver

Helen Hickey




Memorials without photos:

If you have a picture of any of the people below – please send them to

Jeff Mayo

Bessie Leo

Vivian Robson







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