Below is a list of astrologers who are commemorated on this memorial page. Birth and death data are available for most, as well as biographical and bibliographical information. To suggest names, share memories, create tributes, volunteer, or correct inaccuracies, send us e-mail. We would particularly like good photos of our honorees, so please dig deeply into your albums! For the internet, they need to be scanned as .jpg or .gif files, which can then be attached to an email.


Want to light a candle to honor someone on these pages that you loved? You can light a virtual candle at The candle will burn down in about 48 hours of real time, just like a real one!







Dave LaGrone
Bill Land


Margaret Latvala
Dal Lee
Sybil Leek
Alan Leo
Bessie Leo
Luis Lesur
Grant Lewi



Jim Lewis
Mary Lee Lewis
Zannette Lewis
C.Aq. Libra (Roelf Takens)
Alfred Ligon
William Lilly
Rose Lineman
Bessie Lispenard
Johnny Lister
Henrietta Llewelyn-Davies
Richard Lovell
Betty Lundsted
Charles E. Luntz




Hugh MacCraig
Robin MacNaughton
Lise-Lotte Mann
Neil Marbell
Rory Marcato
Marion March
Gerald Jay Markoe
Alexander Marr
Bill Marshall
Bruce Marshall


Barbara Martin
Darrell Martinie
Sophia Mason
Zoltan Mason



Zach Matthews
Connie Mayer
Jeff Mayo
Ellen McCaffery
Maurice McCann
John McCormick
Capel McCutcheon
Joan McEvers
Frances McEvoy
Michele McKee
Maggie McPherson
Patty McPhie
Shri M S Mehta
Neil Michelsen
Margaret Millard MD
Ruby Miller
AdZe MiXXe



Eugene Moore
Marcia Moore
Moon Moore
Pat Morimando
Al H. Morrison
Sharon Mullen
Prof. N. E Muthuswany
Buz Myers




Joan Negus
John Nelson
Hans Niggemann




Ruth Hale Oliver
Sydney Omarr
Gar Osten
Rick Ostrander
Bridget Mary O’Toole (Joan Donovan)
Buz Overbeck




Dori Alsop Paden
Isabelle Pagan
Margaret Page
Ann Elizabeth Parker
C.S. Patel
Karen Pavlus

Bennett S. Peterson
Elaine Pond
Steve Prager
Olive Adele Pryor
M.H. van der Putte




Th.J.J. Ram
B. V. Raman
Marjorie Ramsay
Patricia Lee (Pat)Ranger
Prof NN Krishna Rau


Patty Reagan
Paul Reeder
Alice Reichard
Tees Reitsma
Suzanne Reynolds
Haloli Richter
Carroll Righter
Thomas Ring
Louise Riotte



Diana Riviere
Ima Roberts
Press Roberts
Marc Robertson


Vivian Robson
Lois Rodden
George Roman
Edwin Rose
Diana Rosenberg
Therese Rossignol
Dane Rudhyar
Udo Rudolph


Alexander Ruperti
Juliann C. Ryan




Frances Sakoian
Dorothy Santangelo
Howard Sasportas
Lucy B. Saxman
Mildred Roche Schiff
Ann Schlesinger
Mary Schneider
Jacob Schwartz
Henri Selva
Sepharial (Walter Gorn-Old)


Martin Seymour-Smith



Joanna Shannon
Roger Shepherd
Sylvia Sherman
Kaye Shinker
Friederich Sieggruen
Pauline Sieve
Rae Sinclaire
Wim Smits


Donna Jeanne Sneed
Jeannette Ridenour Snyder
David Solte
Helena Stansfield
Athena Starwoman


Edwin Charles Steinbrecher
Shirley Strasburg
Jess Stearn
William Sweeney
Alex Szogyi




Fiona Targett
Martha Taub


A.E. Thierens
Carl Payne Tobey
Jan Gerhard Toonder
Anne Toth
 Pat Trubey




Mellie Uyldert






Basil Vaerlen
Carol Van Dam

Sara Van Orsdell

Mary Vohryzek
Alexandre Volguine




J.C.van Wageningen



Dr. Edgar Wagner
Edward A. Wagner
Julia Wagner
Adina Walker
Patric Walker
Rowena Lea Wall
Edith and Helmuth Wangemann
Barbara Watters


Ray Webb
Oscar Weber
Joyce Wehrman
Grant Weisbrot
Walden Welch
Lorraine Welsh
Alan White
Dorothy Willis
John Wilner
Bonnie Wilson
Stephen Wirmusky
 Alfred Witte




Silas Young
Donald Yott





C.C. Zain (Elbert Benjamine)
Pepe Zaragoza




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