Below is a list of astrologers who appear on this page. Birth and death data are available for most, as well as biographical and bibliographical information and photos. This page is meant to be interactive. To suggest names, share memories, create tributes, volunteer, or ask for information, send us e-mail.

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Neathe Aahmes
Evangeline Adams
Camille Adams
John Addey
Jeannine Akimowa
Roy Douglas Alexander
Garth Allen
Rae Alston-Harris
Karl Ambjornson
Gordon Anderson
Derek Appleby
 Norman Arens
Julian Armistead
Leona Armstrong


Gavin Arthur
Arlene Asin
Jeanne Avery



Eleanor Bach
Cleve Backster
Alice Bailey
E.H. Bailey
Alan Bain
Zelma Cunningham Baker
Robert Ball
Olivia Barclay
F. Charles Barlet
Keven Barrett
Helen A Bartholomew
Doris Battle


Julie Baum
Bepin Behari
Mary Bell
Sidney Bennett (Wynn)
Ron Bippus
Linda Black



A.H. Blackwell
Steven M. Blake
Robert Blaschke
Madame Blavatsky
KT. Boehrer


Hetty de Boer-Jongkind


Georgie Borkowski
Donald Bradley
Gustave-Lambert Brahy
Cathy Brenner
Luke Broughton
Dick Brouwer
Carolyn (Nan) Burket


Lynne Burmyn




Jimmy "Starman" Cacciabaudo
Wanda Calvello


Barbara Cameron
Elizabeth Rose Campbell
Lenore Canter
Charles E. O. Carter
Marguerite Carter
Gina Ceaglio
Laurence Cassidy
Jack F. Chandu
William Chaney
Cheiro (Count Louis Hamon)


Paul Choisnard
Stephen Chuhta
Mary Civisca
Joanne Clancy
Paul Clancy
John Clarke
Stephanie Clement


Robert Cole
Walter Coleman
John M.Cook
Robert W. Cooper


Lloyd Cope
Dr. Howard L. Cornell
Rose Cosentino
Henrietta "Mike" Cramton
Timothy Edward Curley
Edith Custer




Mildred Damiani
Dr. Harry Darling
Frederick Davies
Jason Davies
T. Pat Davis
Ronald Davison
Evangeline Day
Katherine de Jersey
Ed Dearborn
Cindy DeLee
Robert De Luce
Maya del Mar
Joseph Silveira de Mello 
Maureen Demot
June Depew


Narendra Desai
Nicholas DeVore
G. (Bob) Dijkstra
Jeanne Dixon
Rev. Edward Doane
Doris Chase Doane
Zipporah Dobyns



Emma Belle Donath
Mary Downing
Shri S.K.Duggal
Howard Duff



Gary Duncan




Elsbeth Ebertin
Reinhold Ebertin


Gustav Eckstrom
Marti J. Elias
Roger Elliot
Charles Emerson
Darlene Enber
Stephanie Erickson
Hans J. Eysenck





Cyril Fagan
James Alexander Farrell
Jack Fertig
Donna ‘Dean’ Fiorillo
Brigidier Roy C. Firebrace
Rita Francomano


Cary Franks
Alberta Fritz
Val Furgess




Angela Gallo
W.D. Gann
Rockie Gardiner
Carol Garlick
Michel Gauquelin
Francoise Gauquelin
Linda Generale



Llewellyn George



Ted George
Wanda Gerlach
Hannibal Giudice
Mary Ellen Glass


Rupert Gleadow
Carole Golder
Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson
Joseph Goodavage
Linda Goodman
Cornelis Gorter
Ernest and Catharine Grant
Doris Greaves
Defiance Gregg
Deena Grier




Manly Palmer Hall
Gladys Maria Hall
Kalli Rose Halvorson
Bruce Hamerslough
Howard Hammitt, Jr.
Count Louis Hamon (Cheiro)
Geraldine Hannon
Patricia Hardin
Patricia Harsch


Charles Harvey
Nancy Hastings
Judy Havey
John Hazelrigg
Max and Augusta Foss Heindel
Dan Heine
Edward Helin
Carl Helm
Jesse Portis Helm
Carole Hemstreet
Margie Herskovitz
Eleanor Hesseltine
Isabel Hickey


James Herschel Holden
Margaret Hone


Richard Houck
Charles House
Larry Howard
Bruno Huber



Helen Huber
Dorothy Hughes
Irene Hughes
Parampara Hughes
Robert A. and Emylu Lander Hughes
James Hynes




Richard Idemon
John Imandt




Jayj Jacobs
Don "Moby Dick" Jacobs
Pravin Jagad
Robert Carl Jansky
Charles Jayne
Vivia Jayne
Joyce Jensen
Joyce Jillson
Jindra Johanisvoa
Harish Johari
Lorne Edward Johndro
Judy Johns



Marc Edmund Jones
Jan de Jong
Tony Joseph




Emilie Kelso
Shelagh Kendal 


Kasey Kester
Shirle Kiley
L. Knegt


Walter Koch
H.A. Kooij
Willem Koppejan
Barbara Krofel








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