If Evangeline Adams was the Mother of Astrology in the first half of the Twentieth Century, Isabel Hickey filled that role for many of us who studied in the Sixties and the Seventies. She managed to be both esoteric and down to earth, never an easy juggling act.

For those of us who quaked at the fatalistic tone of the few other texts of the time like Charles E. O. Carter’s Aspects, Isabel’s more Humanistic viewpoint brought both relief and hope. As one of her books said, It Is All Right–we can learn and evolve spiritually by studying astrology. These ideas are taken for granted now, so it is hard to imagine how ground-breaking they were for the time.

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BIRTH AND DEATH INFORMATION: Her AstroDataBank record shows the following, rated A, from her memory. She was quoted in Mercury Hour in July 1982 as saying she was born August 19, 1903, at 12:30 PM EST in Brookline, MA, 71W07; 42N20.

She died at the age of 76 on June 17, 1980. Her daughter Helen notes, "Issie died in her bed at Harmony Hilltop, which was her sanctuary, and where she held many workshops, seminars, meditation retreats etc. She adored having a group of like-minded folks around her, so many folks spent many happy hours at Harmony Hilltop sharing their knowledge, experience and wisdom, and having some R & R at the same time. That is also where she did most of her writing."

Issie, as she was popularly called, delighted in pointing out an unusual feature of her chart, in that many of her planets were in their own signs, when you use the classical rulerships. She had Sun in Leo, Moon in Cancer, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Libra, Mars in Scorpio, Saturn in Aquarius, and Jupiter in Pisces.

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She is another of the Balsamic Moon visionaries who seem to abound in these memorials. Furthermore, her Moon was conjunct Neptune in the eighth house, strengthening her mediumistic and healing inclinations.

Important in bringing about her rise to the leadership of our field was her Grand Cross in the middle of the mutable signs, consisting of Uranus in Sag, Jupiter in Pisces, Pluto in Gemini and Mercury in Virgo. The lengthy transiting conjunction of Pluto and Uranus that was such a signature of the various social movements in the Sixties triggered off her Grand Cross, spurring her to carry the message of Humanistic astrology.


Isabel’s most popular book, Astrology: A Cosmic Science, was one of the first accessible textbooks in general use in the late Sixties and early Seventies to break away from fatalism and to take a spiritual approach. A recent edition of the book is available at major chains.

At the time she was writing, Pluto was only beginning to be used and understood in terms of its meaning in individual charts. Her book, Minverva or Pluto, The Choice is Yours, was really the first to explore how to upgrade its energies. Along a similar line, of helping people to use their energies in an evolutionary way, she also wrote It is All Right.

Being the grandson of Izzie Hickey I have many copies of IT IS ALL RIGHT that I would like to sell, If anyone is interested in obtaining one please email me for prices.

Don Hickey
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Thanks and Love and Light Don Hickey

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