The astrology authors on this page may not be widely known today, but they provided the foundations for many of today’s astrological lecturers and writers. Their books may look quaint and dated, but they were stepping stones which made possible our current knowledge and research.

Writing a book was an arduous task in those days, laboriously gathering and hand-tabulating data, writing much of it by hand, and then typing draft after draft on a manual typewriter.

Astrology was not nearly as widely accepted as it is today, so these authors also faced great obstacles to disseminating their knowledge. Let us remember them fondly here. Many of these books are now quite rare, so if you have a copy, hang on to it or donate it to an astrological library or Kepler College. (To look for these books, see our source page.)

SIDNEY BENNETT (WYNN): According to the article about him in James R. Lewis’ Astrology Encyclopedia (p.82) Bennett was a prominent astrologer of the early 20th Century, a Sun sign columnist for the New York Daily News and publisher of Wynn’s Astrology Magazine. Dissatisfied with the results he got from progressions and directions, he developed a forecasting method based on the Solar Return chart which he wrote about in his book, The Key Cycle.

Astrological Pioneers of America lists his birth information, from the AFA, as February 10, 1892, at 9:00 AM, in Chicago, IL. It says that in his later years, he lived in Australian and New Zealand. A letter from Dal Lee to the authors dated October 4, 1958, says that he had recently heard of Bennett’s death but that it had not been confirmed.
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Walter Coleman

WALTER COLEMAN, LLB, JD: We are not certain that Walter Coleman has passed on, though he would be quite advanced in years. However, we wished to acknowledge his contribution here.

He received his doctorate in law from New York Law School and did ground-breaking work in collecting and digesting laws and legal procedings related to astrology, both in the United States and abroad. He was general counsel to the Congress of Astrological Organizations, which Al Morrison founded. In 1977, his Astrology and the Law was published by Casa de Carpricornia but is no longer in print. (For a book excerpt from his lengthy exposition of the Evangeline Adams trial, see Carlo Ravin’s memorial . The photo here also came from that book.)

According to the cover copy, he wrote 33 educational books on astrology. He created one of the earliest correspondance courses, administered by his Colegio International de Astrologia, which was headquartered in Puerto Rico. An astrologer for over 20 years, he lectured nationally and internationally and was a member of the AFA. No birth information is available for him.

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DR. HOWARD CORNELL: An American physician, astrologer, and author, he lectured widely on medical astrology and shared the wealth of his knowledge on cell salts and other healing tools as they applied to astrology in the still very useful Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology, which Samuel Weiser Inc. may be reprinting.

AstroDatabank lists his birth data as A, given in his Encyclopedia. He was born July 23, 1872, at 9:27 AM, LMT, in Hartsville, PA, 75W05; 40N13. He died in 1938. The picture is from his book.

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DR. HARRY F. DARLING, MD: American psychiatrist, a pioneer in exploring mental illness and psychopathology through the lens of astrology. His Essentials of Medical Astrology, published by the AFA, is available through AstroAmerica. He was a member of Charles Jayne’s ARC research group in New York City. With Ruth Hale Oliver, he co-authored Astro-Psychiatry. The picture is from his book. He was chairman of the NCGR in 1972.

Darling was certified a Professional Member of the AFA (PMAFA). Astrological Pioneers of America lists his birth information, from his AFA membership records, as March 22, 1919, in Dorchester, MA.

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NICHOLAS DEVORE: The Encyclopedia of Astrology, first published in 1947, is rare today, though you may find a copy at AstroAmerica. It recorded many historical and classical astrological ideas for posterity and is the sourcebook of much of the information in newer books; It was a treasure trove of succinct information about every astrological topic from A to Z.

Nicolas Devore was born on May 19, 1882, in Enon, OH, 83W56; 39N52, about 12:35 AM CST. His AstroDataBank record says that this is from his memory, rated A, but that he was born just when the Ascendant was changing from Aquarius to Pisces and he was never sure which was correct. He died on May 20, 1960.

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EMMA BELLE DONATH: One of the first to work extensively with the asteroids, she wrote five books on the topic, all published by the AFA, as she was active in their organization and conventions.

She also wrote Houses, Which and When and Patterns of the Professions. All of these books are available through AstroAmerica Her AstroDatabank record gives the following information, rated A, from her to Lorraine Welsh. She was born May 24, 1932, at 5:13 AM CST, in Evansville, IN, 87W33; 37N58. She died on June 24, 1992, at 6:15 PM.

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JOHN HAZELRIGG, born at Hazelrigg, Indiana, on June 20, 1860, at 1:07 PM. Educated at Purdue University, he went on stage at the age of 21, and played leading parts in various companies for thirteen years. He was class poet at the time of graduation from the University, and from twelve years of age dabbled in literature: poetry, fiction, playwriting, magazine and feature newspaper work, also painting and art.

He first began the study of Astrology in 1892. In 1900 he published "The Rationale of Astrology." Then from August 1901 to September 1902 inclusive, he wrote and published "Hazelrigg’s Astrological Herald," a monthly brochure. In 1916 he founded the American Academy of Astrologians. This information and the photo can be found in one of his booklets, "Astrosophic Tractates," published in 1936, by Llewellyn. (Nomination, research, and photo courtesy of Steve Chiperas.)Hello,

I became particularly curious about Hazelrigg when I read in his biography that was born in Hazelrigg, Indiana. Being also a native Hoosier, and not being familiar with the town of Hazelrigg, I researched it and was surprised to find that it was only about 20 miles from my hometown. Further, I was curious about the connection between his name and the name of the town being the same. Being something of a history junkie, I investigated and found the following about his father, Harvey G. Hazelrigg and his family, which you can read via the following link. You will find that father Harvey was a prominent lawyer, politician, farmer, railroad executive, and nationally known Free Mason. John had a twin brother, Ollie, and the twins were the youngest of seven siblings. Here is the link

I hope you find this interesting and helpful.

Norm Winski

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HUGH McCRAIG: An American Astrologer, mathematician and statistician in the days before computers, he laboriously compiled The 200 Year Ephemeris. He also wrote Destiny Turns the Wheel, available on loan through the The Seattle Metaphysical Library the Seattle Metaphysical Library. His AstroDatabank record gives the following information, rated A, from his own memory and quoted in Mercury Hour, 10/81. He was born in San Francisco, CA on July 4, 1892, at 2:48 AM PST. He joined the AFA in 1940 and was a Professional Member (PMAFA). Astrological Pioneers of America says that his birth name was Craig Ward and that he died in March, 1979.

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