Every field has had its tragic losses due to AIDS, and ours is no exception. Some of our brightest, most promising, and most loved astrologers were taken from us. These deaths are difficult to let go of, because besides missing them, we will always wonder what more they would have contributed if they had not left us so early. We are the poorer for it.

Below are the names of some of our brothers who died in the AIDS epidemic. To see the memorial for that individual and usually a photo, click on the name.

To visit the web site for the vast AIDS quilt memorial project for all those who have died of AIDS globally, go to: www.aidsquilt.org. In addition to their pages here, most of the people above have one or more blocks in the AIDS quilt. The block numbers are given on their memorial pages.

A web site that celebrates gay astrologers of the past can be found at: http://astroqueer.tripod.com/astrologers/past.html.

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CREDITS: The background is used with permission of Graphics by Kemi. The Java script for the cursor was written by Brian Caputo and is featured at Dynamicdrive.com. This memorial was created by Donna Cunningham.