The Astrologers' Memorial Web Page

A Living Memorial to Astrologers Who Have Passed on.

This Virtual Museum, originally created by Donna Cunningham, now maintainted by Liz Houle since 2006, is to commemorate astrologers who have passed on but who left our field a legacy of service and knowledge. In these pages, you will find hundreds of astrologers, both famous ones and those less-recognized who had a great impact on their local communities. Because of Lois’ Rodden’s invaluable AstroDatabank and other sources, it was possible to find birth and death information for almost all of them.

Many people shared their photo collections for this site, so the memorials vividly evoke remembrances of these departed colleagues. (If you have any photos of honorees who lack them, please dig deeply into your albums! They can be scanned and attached to an email.) The slide show below showcases ten of the best photos–well worth the wait if they haven’t loaded yet!

The buttons below link you to alphabetical lists of individuals as well as to special groupings. You are invited to participate in this memorial by suggesting names, sharing memories, creating tributes, or correcting any inaccuracies. Just send an e-mail.



OUR DEEPEST GRATITUDE to Bette Denlinger of the Magi Society at Solstice Point for donating this space to the astrology community. Without her generosity, this massive site would not have been possible. Visit Solstice Point for information on exceptionally affordable domain name hosting.

A MILLION KUDOS to Lois Rodden, who is surely Heaven’s gift to the astrology community. The work of creating the memorials on this site would have taken years without AstroDatabank, her lifetime collection of more than 23,000 birth data now available on a searchable CD-ROM. In addition, Lois loaned us her large personal collection of astrologers’ photographs to be included in the memorials, making the memories so much more vivid.

HickeyIMMENSE GRATITUDE to Kathy Kreshock, the godmother of this project, shown here in an old photo with Isabel Hickey. As a volunteer for the Memorial, Kathy was up for many nights mining the gold in her collection of photographs and thirty years worth of astrology journals. Having tributes published at the time the individual died made these memorials much richer than trying to remember years later why someone was so special. Details fade, but the love is eternal.

THANKS, also, to Ronnie Dreyer, Tem Tarriktar, Gloria Starr, and other editors and columnists from astrological publications who have been so generous in sharing memorials, biographical information, and photographs and in keeping this site before the astrology community.

THANKFUL REGARDS to Continuum (the Jim Lewis Slaydon Foundation), which surprised us with a $500 award for this page. The grant came in handy for much-needed graphic and web design software. Thanks, especially to Angel Thompson and Karen McCauley of that group. It feels like Jim is the guardian angel of this effort. Do visit Jim Lewis’ memorial, everyone.

ANOTHER THOUSAND THANKS to Karen McCauley for searching out tributes from her complete collection of Aspects Magazine, for scanning photographs for the memorials, and for adding much-needed enthusiasm and support to the project at times when it was daunting. APPRECIATION, too, to dozens of others who contributed information to these pages. They will be mentioned on the pages they helped to make possible.

HUGE GRATITUDE to the many artists who make this web page a delightful visual exploration of the zodiac and the heavens. If you like what you see, follow the link at the bottom of that page to see more of that artist’s work.

If you wish to use their work, however, be mindful that all the art is copyright and that artists need to earn a living as much as we astrologers do. Web sites marketing professional services or products must pay a licensing fee, generally very reasonable, to the artist. Look for the terms of usage on the artist’s page. (Artists move about nearly as much as astrologers do, so if the link is broken, try searching for the name of the artist’s site on your search engine.)

ART CREDITS: This page was created by Donna Cunningham of Word of Mouth Web Design and is maintained by Liz Houle. This background set came from an excellent collection at Julie’s Homegrown Graphics. For sources of the photos in the slide show, see the individual memorials for these beloved individuals. (DHTML script provided by Dynamic Drive.)